Your Personal Tutor

Your Personal Trainer

Here’s how Valory Irene keeps her perfect body in great shape. Valory’s got a better and sexier body than most Hollywood movie stars. If Valory was your personal tutor, you’d not at all leave the fitness center.

Check out that wazoo in tight a-hole shorts. The camel-toe in photo 12. The direction Valory’s sloped bra-busters point when she’s on the ball in photo 35. And to top it all off, Valory always communicates a personal warmth to the digital camera. She’s the kind of beauty you’d love to hang out with, get stuck with in a snowbound cabin in the hills.

“I don’t think of myself as special. I think all hotties are specific, and any chap can make a lady feel particular. It makes me feel very valuable to know that so many chaps savour looking at me.”

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