One more cutie who’s undergone greater than typical changes is Vanessa Y, the brunette from Poland. A brick abode in advance of, Vanessa is even more of stacked petticoat chaser with lots more boobage spilling with out her dresses and bras. It all started when Vanessa quit cigarettes, a good decision for any reason. No one really understands why body mass picks its spots to settle. Some angels get a mammoth a-hole. Others a greater than average stomach or haunches. Some get heavy all over. Vanessa broke the boob bank when almost all of it settled in her top shelf. Fortunate Vanessa. Lucky u.

This babe is proud of her body and loves the expression on the faces of boyz who see her knockers shaking and hanging. She indeed appreciates studs who relish seeing her widen her pink taco wide. Vanessa traveled to the Dominican Republic with SCORE and we’ll be seeing much more of her this year.

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