Candy Striper

Candy Striper

Dream nurse Vanessa Y. makes worthy use of that medical examination chair. It’s flawless for examining her large mounds and freshly grown-out bush. (Yeah, the Polish princess’s follicle forest is back, per request of the bush supporters at SCORELAND.)

The sexiest nurse with the largest mangos in this clinic, Vanessa first gives her greater than typical, jiggly zeppelins a hands-on examination. This babe stands and turns, sticking her gazoo out to the digital camera, and wiggles it. Yeah, that is truly a very spankable, slappable arse. You’d be pleased to love-bite those soft yet firm cheeks.

Vanessa slowly divests herself of her taut dream nurse’s outfit to expose her bright red undergarment and knickers. She lowers her undergarment below her breasts, slips off her panties and sticks her bare titties right at ya, just inches away, fondelling ’em together, kneading ’em, bouncing them, her breathing getting heavier. Picking up a magnifying glass, she holds it in front of her nipps and lowers it to magnify her hotty of leniency cum-hole. Finally, a good use of a magnifying glass.

Nurse Vanessa Y. is the cure for what ails ya.

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