Ravishing Swimsuit Beauty

Sweet Bathing suit Girl

One see Vee VonSweets’ petite body and the image of a swimsuit pops up. Slight bikinis were created with angels love Vee in mind. A hot day, a pool, some tropical scenery. This is the perfect background for Vee as that babe oils down, then pops her top and bottoms to open wide for love tunnel play.

SCORE: U are very Big-Boob and very little, aren’t u?

Vee: I like it that way. I adore to be thin, but I like actually bigger than average funbags, so I got ’em!

SCORE: Do u have a boob fetish?

Vee: I do not know if it is a fetish. I do love bigger in size than average juggs, but they don’t acquire to be as bigger than average as mine. Anything from double-D and up. It’s what I love.

SCORE: I think it is natural to like big love bubbles. How larger than typical are yours?

Vee: Thirty-two G.

SCORE: Do u know what your waist measures?

Vee: Final time I checked it was Twenty six. I started waist training coz I desire a smaller waist. Not likewise much smaller. Maybe an inch or two. I saw a picture online and I told, “I crave this body.”

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