Bathing suit Pleasure

Bikini Pleasure

Venera was born to wear bikinis and wear them in a sunny, warm, lush climate. Since fresh laws prohibit foreign-born glamour models from posing in the U.S., Venera traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica all-expenses paid to pose for SCORE. Venera starts the enjoyment by introducing herself at pool side on a bright, sunny day. She wears a white, bizarre bathing costume studded with rows of pink thingies and hot pink high heels. Pink is Venera’s favorite color. Her dimensions are fantastic. What is the sound of 2 love bubbles clapping? The blond honey shakes them wildly over the digital camera, making that familiar slapping sound of bigger than standard breastflesh slapping jointly, until one pops without its swim suit top. Venera spins and brandishes her ass, her “tight booty,” her “little, naughty a-hole,” says Venera with a glad smile and a mischievous glint in her eyes, spanking it for emphasis. Venera unleashes her pantoons from their bathing dress prison and proceeds to swing them from side to side. Being face-pummeled and motorboated by those astounding billibongs is one of the worthiest goals a boob-man could strive for. And this is merely the starting of Venera’s clip Bikini Paradise. Venera herself says in this vid that that babe loves the sounds of slapping mangos. That babe is a talkative cutie and her English is excellent. Her hot chat makes her boob and fur pie play even sexier.

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