Venera’s Swimsuit Blitz

Venera's Bathing suit Blitz

“I am an exhibitionist,” December ’11 SCORE covergirl Venera admits. “Definitely. I love it when men view me, which is something I didn’t always love. I was always covering myself up when I was younger. It was hard getting so much attention. But I got used to it when I started undressed modeling. ‘cuz of adult modeling and the web camera, I learned not to be bashful about how I look. I learned to be satisfied of my body. I started to display myself off.” When Venera enters the picture wearing a teeny bikini and heels, it’s ok to fall without your chair. Just the sight of her 32H pantoons barely supported by her swim suit top is enough to make your brain lock-up, if not crash. If you do, just re-boot your head and keep watching. Venera is concerned to acquire her suit off so she can greasy oil up her mindblowing, incredibly slim body and pleasurize her areolas and vagina. “I like it when I go on-camera. I like to be observed. I like to pose.” Venera actually is a living Venus.

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