She’ll Starch Your Shorts

She'll Starch Your Shorts

After bra-laundry time, Veronika is ready to give us another hawt tits & wazoo display while her bras hang on a clothesline in her garden. It is better than Veronika reading a mag while she waits!

“I consider myself 100% sexually liberated,” told Veronika. “To make a living at doing what I adore…is there everything more killer than that for me? I don’t think so.”

In her free time, Veronika enjoys cooking (love almost any Czech beauties) and playing online games like Solitaire. This babe wishes to visit Asia, especially Thailand.

“I usually have sex each second day and I love a strong charmer. I am passive that way. I have had sex out side (“Jugtastic Swimming pool side Pounder”) where there was privacy but not at all in public.”

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