Yo, Adriana! Time To Acquire It On Again!

Yo, Adriana! Time To Receive It On One time more!

How long Adriana Avalon will adult model is unknown. We see a great XL Angel here but it may be a brief life experience for her, not a game changer. Some of the superlatively worthwhile women have solely visited this citadel of deep cleavage as a fling, a way to try smth recent in their lives, and having sowed their wild oats, and done their splits over the rock hard penis of a stranger, they move on to a recent chapter. Only time will tell with Adriana who is a very hot domme and appreciates the high, rock hard one. In a very short period, Adriana picked up on exactly what a man needs for jack-motivation in this photo-shoot and its matching vid. The hands-free wang mouthing. The missionary-hump position. The doe-eyed, obedient gaze into the camera. The over-all “fuck-me” face she makes. Love Lisa Canon, Charlie Cooper, Molly Howard and other new XL Angels, Adriana took to on-cam sport-sex with savour, vigor and plenty of juice. She knows what males like to watch and blast a soaker to!

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